On 09/10/2013 01:01 AM, Douglas Campos wrote:

According to yesterday's team meeting, we need to update our Grand RoadMap[1].

Things to note:

- We know the schedule will slip, because push - we just need to
	estimate accordingly.
- IMHO Security will need a little bit more room than the aggressive
	6-week cycle - my shoot is 8-week minimum.
What are the goals/bullet points we are trying to hit in security?
- What about the showcase app? Does it have more priority than the
	"integration functionality?"
- Offline/Sync: To do it together or not, that's the question!
An additional question, what are the client side/server side resources for it?
When I say server side I'm thinking do we make a unified offline/sync server, do we write some plugins for Hibernate, $babbysFirstORM, $NoSQLisWebscale, $DataFabricBusOoooOooooMeMePickMe, etc?

Would prefetching also be in scope?  That one is always a bitch to get right but it makes all the difference in the world some time.

Let's discuss this RoadMap during this week so we can just agree on the
outcome at our next team's meeting, **next monday**. I know timing is
tight but Jay needs this...

Thanks y'all!


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