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Looks good!
+1 I like the dracula theme ! †

Apart for platform related code (JavaScript, Objective-C, Java), are there any
plans to support platform related text?

E.g. pipes on Aerogear can be used within FragmentActivity, which is valid for
Android only; Javadoc is not related to iOS, etc. That's basically a merge of
our guides into a one per feature with information covering all the platforms.

Which brings me to and idea of global platform switch. User/reader can switch
platform once and all code snippets and platform related blocks are
automatically selected. Can also be session based and affect all pages user
+1 , that would be really cool. I came accross such a layout on†https://www.paymill.com/fr-fr/documentation/reference/api-reference/#document-authentication†, check on the right, you have a tab where you can switch between different languages, the snippet is updated.

There are also some online apps that does the job for you like apiary.io and †https://www.mashape.com


On Mon, 20 Jan 2014 11:37:28 +0100
Erik Jan de Wit <edewit@redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> What I get from this thread is that we like the colour section idea, but we
> donít want to re structure the entire site. So what we need to discuss is how
> are we going to use these sections if we donít restructure. What I like about
> them is that it emphasises that our APIís are similar for all platforms and
> that we only have one document explaining for instance what pipes are. But
> the menu, doesnít fit into this new colour scheme, so we need some decisions
> about how we are going to move forward.
> Based on the work Corinne did with the introduction of sass Iíve had a go at
> implementing a bit what Hylke proposed, have a look at my sass branch
> https://github.com/edewit/aerogear.org/tree/saas and the page Iíve updated
> http://localhost:4000/docs/guides/aerogear-android/AerogearAndroidPipes101/
> to be in section layout. Donít look at the header and footer as I havenít
> changed those.
> There are a couple of things that I donít like about the current
> implementation, to enable the code blocks Iíve added some html into the
> asciidoc and some jquery magic in the layout. Maybe we could make this better
> by chaining the rendering/backend or by introducing some sort of plugin into
> asciidoc? Other then that, Iím sure Hylke sees a lot of things that are still
> off, but itís a start.
> What do you think?
> Cheers,
> † † † Erik Jan
> p.s
> example picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtc4g0xwnyi0p41/Example.tiff

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