Hello Vivek!

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Hi Matthias,


It is good to know that activity in java-apns is picking up and also that you are looking at pushy.

We just released 1.0.0.Beta1 of java-apns to maven central: https://t.co/2uBjtdiGIS

It will be integrated to our server pretty soon!



I did a few tests which added installations to UPS with a concurrency of 4-8 threads. I was using Postgres 9.3 and UPS 0.10.3 war


I noticed that response slowed down considerably after some time with high CPU usage and continued to get worse. After doing some profiling, I found that bulk of CPU cycles are being taken by org.postgresql.core.VisibleBufferedInputStream.readMore. The entire thread stack is attached. Also postgres continuously flagged


select installati0_.variantID as variant10_0_0_, installati0_.id as id1_3_0_, installati0_.id as id1_3_1_, installati0_.alias as alias2_3_1_, installati0_.deviceToken as deviceTo3_3_1_, installati0_.deviceType as deviceTy4_3_1_, installati0_.enabled as enabled5_3_1_, installati0_.operatingSystem as operatin6_3_1_, installati0_.osVersion as osVersio7_3_1_, installati0_.platform as platform8_3_1_, installati0_.simplePushEndpoint as simplePu9_3_1_ from InstallationImpl installati0_ where installati0_.variantID=$1


as the slow query. I am pretty sure that eager collection AbstractVariant.installations is the root cause of the problem.


Please let me know if you need any more information.





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Hello Vivek!


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Hi Jay,


Thanks for your reply.


While we have not faced any issues in using UPS in our limited testing, I often see info stacktraces in ups logs


2014-05-16 10:19:20,032 INFO  [com.notnoop.apns.internal.ApnsConnectionImpl] (Thread-118) Exception while waiting for error code: java.net.SocketException: Socket closed

        at java.net.SocketInputStream.socketRead0(Native Method) [rt.jar:1.7.0_51]

        at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(SocketInputStream.java:152) [rt.jar:1.7.0_51]

        at java.net.SocketInputStream.read(SocketInputStream.java:122) [rt.jar:1.7.0_51]


        at com.notnoop.apns.internal.ApnsConnectionImpl$1MonitoringThread.run(ApnsConnectionImpl.java:114) [apns-0.2.3.jar:]



These stacktraces coupled with low dev activity of noop/java-apns project are disconcerting to me.


the stack-trace is no harm - it's only happening w/ doing a monitoring of the thread (that's what we currently do, when setting up ApnsService - I thought about explicitly disable that)


The activity of the underlying java-apns is very low, yes! However @froh42 is getting back:


There will be a new release in the near future; @froh42 asked me if I could help with pushing the bits to maven central



That said, I recently started looking at pushy:


I also sent a PR that would allow us to feed pushy w/ our certificate from the database:


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