Hi everyone,

So, I’ve just hit the famous 65 K methods count and DEX error as a sweet bonus while updating the application to latest Android 6.0-related dependencies.

Long story short, I’ve analyzed [1] dependencies [2] for the Hawkular Android Client [3]. Important notice—the application is not that big or complicated.

Methods count is below.
This is kind of disappointing. Of course I can start to blame Android Support libraries, but you clearly cannot develop apps these days without using backports and helpers. Google Play Services is a bigger deal. It is a dependency of the AeroGear Push module and you cannot live without it as well, but you can use a modular dependency. I’ve addressed this in an issue [4] which leads to another one [5]. It was fixed (there is Google Play Services 7.8.0 already though), but not released. Bouncycastle and Sprongycastle are related to security and are dependencies of the AeroGear Store module which is a dependency of the AeroGear Authz module. I’m not really sure I need this at all.

Let’s count again.
The application can be (65346 ÷ 22478 = 2.9) times smaller.

What do you think about? Is there any chance to ditch these Castle dependencies and release the new Push version?


[1]: http://inloop.github.io/apk-method-count
[2]: http://pastie.org/private/27y3igg4imyqfjvs9qz9a
[3]: https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular-android-client
[4]: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-432
[5]: https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AGDROID-351