Hi Vivek,

It's awesome to hear that you have integrated the UPS into your backend systems and some of your mobile apps!

We have a lot of confidence around the UPS, its functionality, and performance.  Our team has been working hard on improvements and stability including our QE team.  Also, as you may have seen we're planning a 1.0 release of the UPS this summer.

However at this time we don't have specific references or success stories outside of what you can see in the community mailing lists - other users using it ;-)  We're also about to kick off some performance and scale testing in the next couple of months.

Have you run into any issues that drove these questions about production worthiness?  If so please let us know and we'll certainly take a look.

Hope this helps!

Jay Balunas 

On May 20, 2014, at 8:09 AM, Vivek Pandey <vivek.pandey@pinelabs.com> wrote:

Hello Aerogear dev team,
We integrated UPS into our backend server which is serving various mobile apps. While the development and testing phase went well, my manager is questioning me about production worthiness about Aerogear. It would be great help if you could point me to references/success stories where UPS is being used in production environments and scaling well in medium to high loads.

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