Nice job, Corinne.

In terms of AngularJS usage, everything seems nice.

I just wondered why you haven't placed application right under the root of the webapp (it's under /photos contextPath)?
It would be easier for the user to find it imo.


~ Lukas

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Corinne Krych <> wrote:
Hello Guys

To complete our cookbook repositories: iOS, web, android and cordova (still under eric private repo), I’d like to have a aerogear-backend-cookbook. We already have some demos which requires backend. I’ve put them together in:

Each app has a separate build and is independent. For new I’ve put together:
PushQuickstart (as submodules)
ProductInventory (oauth2 keycloak) kind of helloWorld app, very simple

Next addition, I’m thinking to do a Shoot’nShare file upload Server using Keycloak. So we can have a more complete demo of AeroGear OAuth2 and Keycloak.


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