Hey Daniel,

TL;DR: Authz need a server token to communicate with the server, we need store this token so, authz need store lib as dependency. This token need to be stored encrypted so, store need security and castles. Makes sense?

Totally, this can be seen at the dependency tree. Is it possible to use something more simple for such purpose? The approach of consuming almost a half of the DEX limit due to Store or (and) Security usage is kind of suspicious. Android is a limiting environment already, using a single dependency which has so many methods is strange. Include a Google Play Services dependency without modules support and you don’t even have to write an app, it will not compile already.

Not sure if it can help, but there is some sort of the repackaging project for Castles [1].

About push, we don't have plan to release the play module until version 3.0.0

Is there any recent ETA on this?

Anyway you can fix the problem easily using multidex.

I know, but it is a questionable solution which cures symptoms instead of a decease.


[1]: https://rtyley.github.io/spongycastle/