Good point.  I hate having to do device checks. 

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Currently the plugin supports only one set of varaintId and secret and if you want to create an application for android and iOS you would have logic like
if (device.platform == ‘android’) {
   variantId = "<variantID for android>";
} else {
   variantId = "<variantID for iOS>";
so with this grouping you don’t have to have this if else logic anymore as you can just add them in the config like so:
var pushConfig = {
pushServerURL: "<pushServerURL e.g http(s)//host:port/context >",
alias: "<alias e.g. a username or an email address optional>",
android: {
senderID: "<senderID e.g Google Project ID only for android>",
variantID: "<variantID e.g. 1234456-234320>",
variantSecret: "<variantSecret e.g. 1234456-234320>"
ios: {
variantID: "<variantID e.g. 1234456-234320>",
variantSecret: "<variantSecret e.g. 1234456-234320>"
And when a windows phone is added you’ll still have to change the code to add the variantId for windows. As we don’t have a way to register for the application only for the variant this is the compromise.

Erik Jan

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