it is opional, since some push networks recommend not performing "in app unregister" themselves. (eg APNs). There are (APNs)hooks to query for invalid tokens (aka feedback service).

For Android SDK, can u file JIRA sub task of AGDROID-35 ?


PS: there is no real harm, if payload to push network contains "outdated" tokens.

On Monday, July 15, 2013, TadeasKriz wrote:

I'm now trying the unified push with Android and I've noticed, that there is no way (or I didn't find it?) to unregister the device. Example real usage: in application settings there might be a checkbox to disable notifications, so the user probably won't like receiving push messages which would then be discarded by the device (it'd be a waste of his data package). It seems to me like it wasn't left out on purpose, but rather forgotten to be added. Any thoughts on this?

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