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So i’ve decided to take today and try and add Safari Push notifications into the UPS.  When i tried about a year ago, i was successful, but i had lots of duplicated code since it is very close to the iOS variant.
basically, the only real difference is that Safari notifications use the Production cert only.  The other slight difference is how you send the message to the APNs service

I wondering if now is the time to start changing the variant names,  so iOSVariant would become APNsVariant(or something like that).

this would also apply to Android and Chrome since now both use the same GCM,

ah, right, almost forgot about that change :-)


This would also change the endpoint at which we connect from ‘ios' to ‘apns’  .  Since this is sort of a breaking change, from a curl perspective,  does this need to wait until a Major release?

Let's have it for master (1.1.x series) only.
That said, since there may be a few mire 1.0.x releases, which also may have effect to the 1.1.x code base (merges), I'd like to wait a bit with the actual merge of "Safari push" to master.

plus this might make the current db migration stuff that is in progress more complex too

I have no problems keeping it separate, and then in a later release merging things together

ah, yeah - that's the best :) no need to "wait" on the work, let's keep branch in sync w/ master, and merge in a few weeks... ok ?



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