Hi guys,

recently we were looking at the current status of mobile-core repository[1] and investigating what could we possibly do about the installer to get up-to-date with latest (3.11) version of OpenShift. (Installer's currently targeting OS 3.9.)

Due to a problems with spinning up the local cluster with "oc cluster up" 3.10+ on a Mac[2], incompatibility of newer Docker versions[3] and a fact that a part of installer's functionality is now available in "oc cluster up"[4] (configuration of template & service broker), we want to propose some changes to the guide which tells developers how to get started with our services.

So, our proposal is to create a new documentation page, which will contain instructions how to spin up local OpenShift 3.11 cluster ("oc cluster up" on Linux, minishift on Mac) and a very simple script, that will do the rest of the configuration for a user - such script is currently in MDC repository[5], there are only few more lines of code to add there to get everything prepared for use.

Yes, this would mean that we would no longer care about spinning up local OpenShift cluster automatically for user - we will only provide the links to a documentation.

Where should these instructions live? 
MDC repository[6] could be a good candidate, since it already contains a very similar instructions already and it is a main starting point for developer (IMO MDC would be a first thing to provision before playing with other services).

Sorry for long mail, here's a 

- create new documentation page with simple script for configuring mobile.next-specific things (changing broker-config, creating mobile-crd, adding required permissions to user and service accounts)
- we rely on a user to be able to spin up OpenShift 3.11 locally him/herself

- get up to date with openshift 3.11
- because it's impossible to spin up oc cluster up (3.11) on a Mac
- to avoid problems we had with installer in the past (docker versions incompatibility, os - related issues)

- provide instructions how to spin up OpenShift cluster locally (oc cluster up, minishift)
- have simple script that does the rest of configuration for you (crd, user/sa permissions, broker config changes)
- we could potentially use MDC repository for this

Any questions, concerns?