Hey everyone,

So we've been doing continuous improvements to the website. Corinne and Erik have been making some awesome progress shaping up the new documentation section (roadmap here: http://aerogear.org/docs/planning/roadmaps/AeroGearWebSite/) according to the mockups (https://raw2.github.com/hbons/aerogear-design/master/website-restructure/aerogear-project.png). We've split stuff up into "Setup Howtos", "Examples", "API Documentation" and "Guides". I don't think there was much controversy here and there's been made some headway already in unifying some of the documentation.

The most important change in the website mockups was that instead of focusing on platform branding, the focus is on solving use cases that “we happen to support on these platforms”. So Core/Push/Security are the main players over iOS/Android/JS, although these are still referenced everywhere and presented in a graphic on top of the home page.

Before we can work on the project homepage sections and download areas of the website we should have a discussion about how the AeroGear project itself is structured. The project seems to have grown organically and new modules have been added here and there. There are some of these that make the structure of the project more complicated that it needs to be (in my opinion) to present it in a simple way to developers visiting the website.

I've done some research on the project structure and have written down the findings, as well as points where there's room for improvement and possible solutions, here: http://oksoclap.com/p/AeroGearModuleUntangling

TL;DR: The most important questions that we need to answer are these:
- “If I download a library on one platform, what must I download to use the same features on an other platform?”
- "Is this a part I use on the client, or on the server side?"
- “What do we mean when talking about different AeroGear subprojects/modules?”

One solution might be: https://raw2.github.com/hbons/aerogear-design/master/website-restructure/aerogear-modules.png I've made a lot of assumptions here, and it might not work, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

It would clarify a lot if we could harmonise the different downloads across platforms, either by providing single download solutions or splitting everything up and naming all the parts consistently. I'm interested in what the technical issues might be, as I wasn't around when most of these decisions were made, or I simply missed them.

Thoughts or other ideas? :)