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Hello All,

Iíve being working on sass branch [1], the same branch Erik-Jan did its initial work.
Here is more feedback on our site redesign

1. Example page with each language code snippet
Itís a good idea, to show the unified aspect of our libs. Having a short snippet code is great, however itís not possible to fit the detailed example we alreday have in our documentation. Rather than simplifying and not going into details, I think we could have a main page like [2] which give the definition + each snippet. Below the code snipet Iíve added a link:
Read more on Pipes on Android / Pipes on iOS / Paging on Web
which points to detailled page.

I think we should keep this documetation. It goes deeper in the sample code as opposed to snippet which is not necessarly complete code. One think that we could do is use code sample extracted from our cookbook recipe. So we can point to the repository for the full app code.

@Hylke Do you have a better idea than just a simple link? I think itís not visual enough. And what should be the layout of the detailled example page?

The [2] link is on localhost. :)

How about we try it out for Pipes and see how it goes? Yes, we probably 
would need to move some stuff out to other sections, but that's ok. 
We'll have a better ideas what to do with the "excess" docs once we try 
any simplify the multiple documents into one.

Here's the idea for the scopes I had:

- Examples => High level overview of AeroGear concepts and code snippets 
about how they're used. Not neccesarily big programmes.
- Documentation
  - Getting started => Download and setup
  - API Browser => just a link to the full API overview
- Guides: We can go more all out here. Tutorials, example projects, more 
complex configurations, etc. Basically everything else that doesn't fall 
into the above categories. :)

I know it's a lot of work... I do think it's the best way to go. I'd be 
happy to help out on this too, though I've absolutely no clue on the 
topic, but that may actually be a good thing for explaining stuff to 
people new to the concepts. :)

Actually if you setup the sass batch link[1], you run your environment and then you go to link[2] loclhost as itís running on our instance, you will see iíve tried it out for Pipes. In order to do it i needed to split the documentation for iOS/Android (I havenít done completely JS part). with this exercice what i understand is:
1. the first view should contain code snippet with shows the unified aspect of client lib. those sippet are not complete code, it should be simplified.
2. this simplified view is not enough for a developer. Selecting his platform tab, he will be redirected to android for ex complete description on Pipes. Ideally this description is based on a cookbook exemple.
3. if the developer want to test it himself heíll have the option to download the complete sample code (github link to cookbook repo) and just run it

So the explantion goes through 3 layers from 1)high level description (cross platform), 2) detailled explanation linked to a platform to 3) sample code implementation (obvious linked to a platform).

My question is How to make the transition from 1) to 2) ? See picture below


5. Dracula theme vs White theme
If you uncomment [3] you can have a white theme. A shame that with Dracula theme we loose the AeroGear blue and orange logo...
@Hylke for the dracula theme we need AG logo in each of the 3 colors.
Yes, I'll send you those. Don't worry about the theming too much, as we 
haven't really discussed that yet. The "Dracula" theme was more of an 
example of how we can use colours to mark different sections of the 
project/site. So if you'd like to see things different, let me know! :)

5. Menu
@Hylke you said you want to remove the actual menu, but what do you propose to navigate between topic: Core/Security/Push/Sync
I've actually added it back in the mockup (see the other email on the 
thread). It was more of a time thing that I hadn't added it yet. It's 
back now.

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