What I get from this thread is that we like the colour section idea, but we donít want to re structure the entire site. So what we need to discuss is how are we going to use these sections if we donít restructure. What I like about them is that it emphasises that our APIís are similar for all platforms and that we only have one document explaining for instance what pipes are. But the menu, doesnít fit into this new colour scheme, so we need some decisions about how we are going to move forward.

Based on the work Corinne did with the introduction of sass Iíve had a go at implementing a bit what Hylke proposed, have a look at my sass branch https://github.com/edewit/aerogear.org/tree/saas and the page Iíve updated http://localhost:4000/docs/guides/aerogear-android/AerogearAndroidPipes101/  to be in section layout. Donít look at the header and footer as I havenít changed those. 

There are a couple of things that I donít like about the current implementation, to enable the code blocks Iíve added some html into the asciidoc and some jquery magic in the layout. Maybe we could make this better by chaining the rendering/backend or by introducing some sort of plugin into asciidoc? Other then that, Iím sure Hylke sees a lot of things that are still off, but itís a start.

What do you think?

Erik Jan

example picture https://www.dropbox.com/s/qtc4g0xwnyi0p41/Example.tiff