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now that we have released the 1.0.0.Final, there are two 'important' branches:

* master (current version is 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT)
* 1.0.x (current version is 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT)

This email is to clarify what goes in where, or tries to :-)

I think it's quite simple. Every fix that goes into the "1.0.x branch" needs to go into the "master branch" as well.

Once a PR has been merged to 1.0.x branch, it's the responsibility of the PR filer to rebase against (latest) master as well, to make sure the merge to master works without any trouble!

While 1.0.x is really meant for bug fixes and improvements only, the new development is going on in master (for 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT, and later) and therefore fixes that are scheduled for 1.1.x only, should not go into the the 1.0.x branch.

The scheudling is done via JIRA and almost all commits/merges should have JIRA tickets attached.

Currently here are the 1.0.x related tickets:

As you can see, they all have the 1.1.x version label as well. This is important and ensures (critical) bug fixes to 1.0.x are also arriving on the master branch!

The JIRAs that are scheduled for 1.1.0 are listed here:

Of course, due to the backport requirement, some of these tickets contain 1.0.x labels on their Fix-Versions as well - but some are exclusively scheduled for 1.1.0, and therefore only go to master branch.

Any thoughts ? 


Matthias Wessendorf

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