GSoC is wrapping up, and Polina and Dimitra have done great work on our "GSOC_2017_kafka branch" for brining in Apache Kafka. The work will not be merged to master, and stays for a little bit longer on that branch....

== 1.2.0.Final ==

Our last release for the 1.2.0 series was a BETA1, in May:

In order to move forward and release a 1.2.0 release to the community, I will be re-starting the looooooooooooong outstanding work to decouple UPS from our legacy Keycloak:

this also helps us to be able to work on latest of WildFly, our legacy Keycloak currently is a blocker for moving towards WF11:

Once that decoupling is done and complete, there will be a UPS 1.2.0.Final release, and Docker images will be updated to relay on WF11.Final (once out).

== What's next ? ==

After that I'd like to merge the GSOC_2017_kafka branch to master, and also bump the version to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT, since than we have Kafka integrated for the centralized messaging. Also, Docker images (and Openshift templates) will be updated - but all of that starts really _after_ the 1.2.0.Final is out.

Any thoughts or comments?

Thanks, Matthias!

Matthias Wessendorf