On 24/02/2014 14:51, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:

I like this approach.  I'd rather be feature driven than library driven.  I think most yours will be looking for what we can do for them before looking at what native libs we provide.

Not sure - I guess both;

If I need a sync client, I ususally have a client platform already in mind, rather than just looking for sync.

I'd be looking for "iOS sync" 

I can see what you mean, but the main reason you're on the website is that you want to sync, you don't want "to iOS". :)

In the full website mockup we have platform pictures just above the use case list that I linked to, so that visitors will know that these features apply to Android/iOS/JS/Cordova similar to the current site (just more pretty :), it's not like we're completely leaving the platforms out of the picture.