Hi folks,

Along with the release of UPS 0.9, we would like also to release the Java Sender that contains some fixes (UPS API changes)  and some new features (callback) :


  1. Sub-task AGPUSH-419Java Sender: support categories list
  2. Sub-task AGPUSH-412Java Sender: reflect SimplePush related API change
  3. Sub-task AGPUSH-396Java Sender: add timeToLive()
  4. Feature Request AGPUSH-373JavaSender should allow user to determine result of the request
  5. Feature Request AGPUSH-389Update Maven Group/Artifact Ids
  6. Feature Request AGPUSH-240Clients for Sending Push Messages needs to react on HTTP 302/FOUND

If they aren't any objections or remarks I will start the release process tomorrow.