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Hi AeroGear team,

Mattias pinged me on twitter on Monday on the topic of Synchronization following a presentation[1] I gave at nodejsconf [2].

yes! great slides, hence I reached out (https://twitter.com/fabricematrat/status/427734199781449728)

I think it’s important to separate concerns, here’s a gist to sum up my ideas [3].

Interesting read and a solid list of good items around the topic; Will read it again before replying on the content of the gist;


I’ve read the mailing, speak with Corinne and looked at your different poc and I have a couple of questions:

Do you guys want to develop a fully integrated solution?

hrm, I think eventually, several month down the road, the answer would be yes.
For now: I guess... well, "nope" to "it depends"

Is it a requirements to never touch the business server? or do you want to develop a set of libraries that can be integrated within the business server?

these are good questions. I like the couch-driven approach of our server, as it can be plugged in on the side.
While Erik's POC is great for JavaEE users, offering a simple way to 'integrate' w/ current applications.

I’d love to get more involved, this is a great area of interest. More to come soon.

we are happy to here more



[1] http://mathbruyen.github.io/nodejsconfit2014

[2] http://nodejsconf.it/

[3] https://gist.github.com/fabricematrat/8666682

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