Hmm, looks like I emailed to soon. It appears I have a version mix match and that my openshift UPS is on the 1.0.x branch and the Node sender release for that branch doesnít include an options object for including categories? 


From: <Fink>, mfink <>
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Date: Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 1:22 PM
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Subject: [aerogear-dev] UPS Node Sender client categories issue?


Iím just starting out with UPS (which is awesome btw!) and the Node.js sender client. One thing Iíve noticed is that a message sent from the dashboard with a particular category is sent to only those installations that have that category listed. This works great and is expected. Iím glad there is a way to target specific notification channels, etc.

Sending a notification via the Node Sender client however appears to be sending to everyoneís installation regardless of the categories sent with the message. Hereís a pastie of what my node client call looks like:

Iím using:  
Unifiedpush Node Sender version 0.8.0-beta1

UPS is the setup via the openshift cartridge, from 

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Very well could be me doing it wrongÖ ;-)