So I have spent too much time working on to no avail. I keep running into permission issues and weird errors. Couple that with the fact that I'm using a customized version of jsdoc, I don't see any reason we should be including docs building in our build, nor do I think they should be part of the repo.

The docs are duplicated on the site so if someone finds an issue, they can file an issue on the site, then we can fix in the source and regenerate. Since we're also removing the dist folder from the aerogear-js repo, this just seems like the right thing to do as well to clean up this repo completely.

Any thoughts or objections?

P.S. - The only other thing I need to do is get my modified version of jsdoc up somewhere (maybe my own repo for now) so that others can build the docs with the modifications I have made. Any thoughts on that would also be appreciated.