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On 24/02/2014 14:50, Lee Graham wrote:
> So If I'm a Cordova developer and I want to learn how-to setup
> UnifiedPush Server and integrate Push within my hybrid app I don't
> care about the native Android & iOS libraries, guides, etc.. I just
> want everything that is relevant to hybrid apps. I actually ran into
> this exact issue this last weekend when I created my first push
> notification app. Its hard to keep track of what guides and sample
> code I needed. This may solve that. I kind of like the way
> http://devcenter.kinvey.com/ does this. When I first go there it
> allows me to select my dev platform and it sets a cookie so when I
> come back its still on that platform. I can swap at any time, but as a
> developer I really liked the Kinvey experience because I could find
> what I needed. Nothing more nothing less.

Cordova is a bit of a special case. Apart from a mention that Cordova is
a supported platform on the front page, I'm not quite if we should have
it as a mention for every feature, as we already have Javascript there.

We need to find out how Corodova developers normally go about picking
libraries that they want to use. I assume they can use any Javascript
library? Perhaps we just add a note to the download page that for use
with Cordova you case use the Javascript library and download a native
plugin if needed.
Makes sense to me. I think the current site does confuse me a bit... what's the difference between Web/JavaScript and Hybrid/Cordova. If we are using the same exact code (aerogear.js) then my first thought is just to combine that under JavaScript (which I think is your suggestion?). If the code is similar, but different between Web and Hybrid then it may be useful to clearly define the differences.

As a Cordova developer, I'm not a hardcore Java or Objective-C developer. So my first thought is to find a plugin. If that doesn't exist, I'm looking for JavaScript. I want the fastest route (aka the least amount of coding) to integrating 3rd party tools and making it work for both Android and iOS apps.

Example 1: AeroGear push notification, I used the plugin.

Example 2: Count.ly mobile analytics, I use the community Countly SDK JS because there is no plugin: https://github.com/Countly/countly-sdk-js

I hope this helps. I do really love the new look and feel of the mockups. Very clean!

Thanks Lee, that's a useful feedback. I'll have a look at more sites that have a Cordova offering.


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