Hello folks!

we are getting really close to our 1.0.0 release! In fact, it's now under testing/review.  Thank you very much, guys!!!!

 Note this release contains a handful fixes on-top of the last BETA2 release. To name a few highlights:

* Keycloak rc-1 usage
* UI improvements (e.g. new style of the account mgmt section, and more links to docs/guides)
* APNs fixes: improved server-side logging and fixing broken iOS Variant updates

The team did an outstanding job to get to this point! Thanks again guys!

Details on all the JIRAs can be found here:

The staging repository is located here:

For testing this review, I nominate Corinne Krych, Erik Jan de Wit and Tadeas Kriz

Regarding Docker, I have sent a PR against Bruno's repo, to go w/ the WAR files from the above staging repo:

Let me know the results of your testing!
If I hear nothing bad by Tuesday (August 26th) evening, the release to maven central will happen on Wednesday morning;

NOTE: Once this release has been approved the matching tag will be used to get the OpenShift online bits updated!


Matthias Wessendorf

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