ADM seems still maintained by Amazon, but I can't imagine it has a huge install base.  So +.25 on that (+1 if it is a PITA to maintain)
MPNS and SimplePush are dead as door nails. So +1 on those.

On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 5:18 PM, Matthias Wessendorf <> wrote:

we have server-side support for ADM (Amazon's Kindle Device push) as well as support for Microsofts' deprecated MPNS (Microsoft Push Notification Service) and SimplePush (from Firefox).

I was wondering if we should remove those, on the master branch, going forward ? 

Would mean that UPS would be just supporting:
* APNs (HTTP/2 only)
* FCM (via HTTP only)
* WNS (Windows Push Notification Services)

How do folks feel about that ? Anyone actively using ADM, SimplePush or MPNS?



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