Awesome ! Congrats ! 

On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 2:12 PM, Karel Piwko <> wrote:
Hi All,

with a big kudos going to Tadeas Kriz and Stefan Miklosovic, we finally have a
test [1] that:

1/ Deploys push server on AS7 (starts or connects AS7)
2/ Registers a push app and a variant id
3/ Deploys a client app to Android (emulator or real device, starts or
connects AVD)
4/ Registers an app on push server
5/ Broadcasts a message to push server
6/ Verifies push notification was received

And all the worflow is defined in the test class, so you can even run it from
the IDE and debug! Now, we need to polish the dependencies [2] [3] (it is using
zillion of snapshot versions so far) and make it a part of the test suite.

iOS coming laterish ;-)


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