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A seg, 17/11/2014, 13:45, Andres Galante <agalante@redhat.com> escreveu:
Good morning, I've been working on Aerogears website and build a "live wireframe" to share with you and gather feedback.

The challenge was to combine a feature-orientated and a client-orientated UI, so this is what I propose:

The website itself is feature-orientated, since a user will want to know if the feature he wants to use its supported by other clients. But the documentation is client-orientated because I think that for example and Android developer doesn't want to read any iOS documentation.

Please view this on FireFox, I am using position sticky and I haven't done any js to make it work on other browsers.

Colors, spaces, sizes, fonts and styles are not done yet. This is just wireframe (better than a few squares with arrows though, plus its responsive).

On docs click on android docs to see how the submenu works, I am following the same pattern as in ionic, bootstrap, less and others


What do you think?
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