Hi my friend on aerogear-controller and aerogear-security before the release of M6 on aerogear, we did something like this:

0.0.1.M6, 0.0.2.M6

But now I'm planning (must to be discussed with qmx and Daniel) to follow the roadmap strictly and release our snapshots with the release ID (M1) from controller and not aerogear (M7). I'd like to have something like: 0.0.1.M1….and 1 release per week.

The reason for 0.0.1 is because ag-security is not mature enough to be 1.0.0, in my opinion.

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On Monday, October 29, 2012 at 8:50 AM, Matthias Wessendorf wrote:


our current iOS release/tag is called => 1.0.0.M1

But... what if I want to roll another 'follow-up' release (release
often, release early)... would it be named: 1.0.0.M1-1 ... -2 etc ?

NOTE: I don't want to release the M2 now.... I just want to release
(later this week) a newer version, "post M1 dev release" (or what ever
you would call it).



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