+1 On dropping it.

On 5 December 2013 13:32, Bruno Oliveira <abstractj@redhat.com> wrote:
Good morning peeps, regarding this thread†http://aerogear-dev.1069024.n5.nabble.com/aerogear-dev-TODO-app-abandoning-td4576.html. Somehow we agreed in the past to no longer support this app†http://transcripts.jboss.org/channel/irc.freenode.org/%23aerogear/2013/%23aerogear.2013-01-28.log.

Iíve been chatting with Christos about my concern around this app:

- This app still make use of ag-controller and outdated versions of ag security
- Maintain it is very time consuming
- We need to monitor OpenShift because after a period of inactivity the app will be disabled

That said I vote for just drop or no longer maintain this app and update our integration tests. But before move forward with it, I would like to hear the concerns from the team about it.

If I donít hear anything, the application will be dropped from OpenShift. If the team agree on maintain it, we need a call for arms to do it.


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