Hi Vivek,

We’ve taken your patch and updated it a bit with the things you had as TODO. Could you have a look at our latest master to double check that all your issues have been solved?

Thanks again for contributing,

Erik Jan

On 11 Jul,2014, at 16:34 , Matthias Wessendorf <matzew@apache.org> wrote:

Hello Vivek,

I pasted the patch to this gist:

since not all team members were able to open the attachment.

Thanks again for sharing


On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 3:13 PM, Matthias Wessendorf <matzew@apache.org> wrote:
Hello Vivek!

thanks a lot for the patch! We will take a look at that for sure! The benefit of getting a PR out is that you are actually captured inside of the GH as an official contributor :-)

But thanks again, very happy to see your patch !