I also noticed the changes (especially the 'registrations' hook), but yeah - quite a great, and detailed, article!


On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 6:56 AM, Kris Borchers <kris.borchers@gmail.com> wrote:
So I saw this article this evening and noticed a couple of things different from what we are doing. I intend to file a number of JIRAs tomorrow but wanted to fire this off for anyone interested to take a look. This is an amazing writeup of everything SimplePush on FFOS.


A couple things I noticed at first glance:

  1. navigator.push.registrations() - provides a list of current registrations. Currently this is implemented more behind the scenes in that we automatically reregister any existing channels and use them as needed. They don't actually say how to use that list though
  2. The talk about checking for push support but we are making that unnecessary. ;

Most of the rest of it is just useful information for both the client and server.

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