I think the library needs to be ptachted to tear down the injected consumer when the server shuts down. There is a CDI lifecycle event for that.

AFK, so can't do much 


On Thu, 13 Jul 2017 at 12:47, Polina Koleva <polina.n.koleva@gmail.com> wrote:
Hey, everyone :)
As we finished the initial integration of Kafka in UPS, we decided to use a CDI library to ease the addition of new Kafka consumers/producers. Unfortunately, when I added a consumer by injection (github commit) I encountered three problems. I have tried to do my best to figure them out but I still have no clue for them. They all happen after a redeployment of the UPS, so I suppose there is a problem when a consumer is destroyed/created again. 

You can find the problems described in JIRA. I really appreciate your help.

1. ComponentIsStoppedException
2. IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class
3. InstanceAlreadyExistsException -  I suppose this happens because we never close the consumer. That's why I made a pull request with an addition of shutdown method for the consumer. But not sure where exactly this method has to be invoked. 

Thanks, Polina
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