Currently the node sender for the UPS, is at 0.10.1,

which works with the  UPS version 1.1.x series.

Ive been thinking that perhaps we should update the node sender version to be in lock-step with the version of the UPS it works with.  

The only real problem with this is that the UPS 1.0.x uses the 0.7.x node sender.  but if we want to stay semver compliant,  we can't really make a 1.0.x node sender series since it would "reverting" things in the 0.8+ versions.

I'm thinking that perhaps we just bump the node sender to 1.1.1? or whatever the current release is of the UPS.  

hopefully if we keep things like this,  then it becomes less confusing for users to know what version of the sender to use with which version of the UPS

There is one issue i would like to get in though, before bumping the version.  - this adds in using the request library.