Big +1 for cross community contributions. Would be great to gain traction with fastlane and cross collaborate. 

This work is open to all Wojciech so any of our individual team members can get involved under the OSS banner. In fact it's something I would highly encourage. 


On 29 Sep 2017 11:50, "Wojciech Trocki" <> wrote:
I'm huge enthusiast of fastline. Most of the IOS developers will use it on daily basis. I'm no longer involved in the project but I think it will make sense to use it as default codesign tool.
There are many ways to introduce it. If you need help with building jenkins plugin I can help with contribution. 

I was thinking if we could create a jenkins plugin to properly handle credentials using the "withCredentials" pipeline function 
That's great idea! We may also share this on the fastlate github. They have bigger community and it seems that this will be useful outside digger.

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 11:09 AM, Leonardo Rossetti <> wrote:

I have created a PR against digger-jenkins with fastlane samples for both ios and android:

You will notice that fastlane can replace both build and codesign logic from our Jenkinsfiles and this approach has some advantages:
  • easier to test it locally without jenkins (just run fastlane commands).
  • more flexibility since it is just a  couple of ruby scripts.
  • fastlane actions can be distributed as ruby gem packages in the future.
  • fastlane has several community plugins, which is easier to install within the jenkinsfile using the gem command if needed.
Currently, we can't sign our binaries with fastlane because of how our plugins (android signing and xcode) handle jenkins certificates and developer profile files.

I was thinking if we could create a jenkins plugin to properly handle credentials using the "withCredentials" pipeline function so we could keep the main build/sign logic in fastlane actions while we keep specific jenkins tasks such as handling credentials, archiving the artifact, etc in the jenkisfile.




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