Sounds like a good idea and the demo worked like a charm. Nice!

On 20 December 2013 13:11, Bruno Oliveira <> wrote:
Good morning peeps, yesterday I started to replace AeroGear Security on Unified Push server by Keycloak and you might be asking: “Why?”. Keycloak is a SSO with some handy features like TOTP, OAuth2, user management support and I think we have too much to contribute, is the only way to have some success with security, “divide to conquer" (at least for authorization and authentication).

So will ag-security be discontinued? No! Keycloak is still on Alpha and we have to test it against our projects before fully replace ag-security, but the only way to upstream our needs, is to using it.

This replacement only applies to authentication/authorization features, we still have a ton of projects which Keycloak is not able to replace like: TOTP, crypto and OAuth2 on mobile, our focus.

- PoC

So let’s talk about this replacement, any dependency on ag-security was removed from the push server and replaced by Keycloak:

Based on Keycloak examples, I just did copy & paste from one of the demos ( to create a server. Keycloak requires Resteasy 3.0.4, for this reason I had to manually replace some modules on JBoss.

To test it go to: you must be redirected to Keycloak, enter: 

password: password

You must be redirected to agpush console, keep in mind that I took some shortcuts to get this demo working, so for example the create will fail because I removed everything related into the ember interface.

Is also possible to enable TOTP, user’s registration and whatever you want.

So what do you think?


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