I was thinking of removing the bash scripts (server folder) and setup a Grunt plugin which will contain all the tasks required to setup the servers and execute our tests. This is already done for the Aerogear JS REST adapter CORS/JSONP tests. We have created a Grunt-QUnit [1] plugin (the whole plugin is written in JavaScript) which is able to download JBoss AS, start a server with customized JVM parameters, setup custom HTTP/HTTPS ports, setup a keystore, build a maven project, (re)deploy an archive on JBoss AS  and finally execute the QUnit tests and kill the process after the tests are executed. The CORS/JSONP tests are already running on Travis CI [2] using the Grunt-QUnit [1] plugin.

We could add more tasks inside this plugin, remove the bash scripts and make the aerogear-js-integration a whole JavaScript repository.


[1]: https://github.com/tolis-e/arquillian-grunt-qunit
[2]: https://travis-ci.org/tolis-e/arquillian-grunt-qunit