Hi Folks ! 

While I was watching Matzew's screencast[1] about using the AeroGear iOS Template (which bootstrap/help to create a new iOS project) I was thinking about pushing the concept even further.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to scaffold a complete CRUD Native iOS app ? And of course by using the bullets we already have  :  Forge.

The idea would be to have the same stuff as the HTML5 Scaffolding plugin/addon but instead of generating JS and html files we generate *.h and *.m files (and of course a complete iOS app structure). The general workflow would stay the same : create a JEE project, generate entities, generate REST endpoints and scaffold the client.

So basically all we would have to do is to write those templates (+ some code to write to the correct location / create the skeleton).

I will be glad to start on this but I would need some help from the iOS gurus for one thing : having a clean iOS CRUD App  from which I could reverse engineer/extract the templates. This app, while staying simple, should contain all the possible use cases : String, numbers, boolean, Date but also some relation between entities  (1-to-1, 1-to-many) : 

I started with this simple idea : 
Team {
  name : String
  hasMany : Player
  hasMany: Tournamenent // many-to-many 

Player {
name : String
dateOfBirth: Date
injured: boolean
hasOne : Team

Tournament {
 name: String
 price : number
 hasMany: Team

The gist is here https://gist.github.com/sebastienblanc/9074932

So, if anyone would like to create this app, I could start from there with a first draft. I will also try on my side but my objective-c skills are not really good enough right now ;)

I think that could be a very cool feature.

A last very important remark : you can reread this message and replace iOS with Android because once we got it shaped for iOS we could do exactly the same for Android.


[1] https://vimeo.com/86978742