Hello Wolfgang,

thanks for using our UnifiedPush Server! We are happy that you guys are excited about it so far.

The drawbacks you mention make sense, and sharing these requirements is important feedback for us.

For Feb/March we already have some refactorings on our agenda ([1]) and we also recently started looking at Keycloak for auth management (as one option).
So yes, your request seems very reasonable, and it does make sense to take a deeper look at a "plugable" system.

Thanks again for sharing this valuable feedback.


[1] http://aerogear.org/docs/planning/roadmaps/UnifiedPush/

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 12:05 PM, Wolfgang <Wolfgang.Frank@arconsis.com> wrote:
Hello dear aerogear dev team,

a couple of weeks ago we had to integrate a PushServer for iOS and Android
into our solution. We used the UPS out-of-the-box for a first prototype to
figure out better the capabilities and to be able to better define the
requirements in regards to push. So far we are very excited about the

The drawback is that some piece of information like devices, users, apps as
are represented in another system (i.e. MongoDB) or capabilities like
authorization/authentication are already present. Thus there is some
redundancy and overhead and the UPS is a little bit alien in regards to the
rest of the existing architecture/infrastructure. This has pre and cons -- I
know ...

I thought that maybe a "simple"/exchangable mechanisms (e.g. persistence
layer) of defined integration interfaces and mechanisms would be great in
order to be able to better integrate the UPS in existing or already
constrained system environments. This might also help in regards to
scalability and flexibility of the existing design/architecture.

Wondered if that would make sense in your opinion ... ?


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