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Hi Tommy,

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 8:58 PM, Tommy McCarthy <tomccart@redhat.com> wrote:
Hey everyone,
I'm looking to make an Android push-enabled QuickStart to demonstrate the push server on OpenShift.

I was initially going to implement this on the TODO application, but it looks like that will likely be removed.

not necessarily. But I *think* (not 100% sure) in one of our meetings, we said that we may need a new show-case (with no longer maintaining TODO). But that maybe misunderstanding.

So I am not sure on adding "Push" to the TODO app...  

Do you have any suggestions for a QuickStart that I could tackle that could be used to demonstrate the push server on OpenShift?

We have a thread that currently discusses a new show-case, and topic demos etc.  Perhaps that is the right source to look into as well  ?  

Now, thinking about it. Here are a few suggestions :) 

Besides "pimping" a demo, what about doing some work on the "Sender SDK" ? 
Right now we have a Java SDK, for sending "push requests" to the PushServer. Currently we are discussing a better, more fluent, API (see [1]).  I personally think a "Sender SDK" for different platforms would be nice to have:
* Ruby
* Node.js
* Groovy

The SDK(s) could be used to send Push Notification Messages from a "backend" (e.g. a Ruby/Sinatra app) to the Push-Server. Our "tutorial applications" (e.g. PushEEDemo for Android) could be used receiving the messages, submitted from the backends (e.g. Node.js app).

If you would prefer something, more a long a tutorial / quickstart, how about writing a tutorial + simple demo app for JavaScript/SimplePush:

That's probably not a good idea since I recently learned that API is going to have to change. I've just been a little busy. ;)
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