Hi All,

I was hoping to find a way to get plugged into the AeroGear project. I've looked at the AG roadmaps, talked with Jay and Steve, and I'm really excited about what you've been doing!

I wanted to see how I could get plugged in. I was thinking of working on a quickstart or two, and possibly even some blogging. To start topics like "what if" scenarios for companies to see how they could potentially use AG to extend current IT infrastructures to mobile. These are just my ideas. I'm open to your thought on what are the needs of the community and how I can help.

Brief background... I've worked at Red Hat since March 2012, and have been leading a small team to develop a RH mobile learning app. We are using Cordova + OpenShift.com. Once we get our SAML auth working, we will integrate push via AG. I'm most comfortable w/ PHP and JavaScript. I have a few hobbies, but my most recent exploration has been brewing beer (just finished a vanilla witbier, and before that a belgium tripel).

Happy Tuesday!