What does the "integration functionality" exactly stands for ? 

On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 7:01 AM, Douglas Campos <qmx@qmx.me> wrote:

According to yesterday's team meeting, we need to update our Grand RoadMap[1].

Things to note:

- We know the schedule will slip, because push - we just need to
        estimate accordingly.
- IMHO Security will need a little bit more room than the aggressive
        6-week cycle - my shoot is 8-week minimum.
- What about the showcase app? Does it have more priority than the
        "integration functionality?"
- Offline/Sync: To do it together or not, that's the question!

Let's discuss this RoadMap during this week so we can just agree on the
outcome at our next team's meeting, **next monday**. I know timing is
tight but Jay needs this...

Thanks y'all!



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