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On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Andres Galante <agalante@redhat.com> wrote:
Hi, I am starting to redesign auroras.org. I would like your help to understand better the product and our user.

Who is the developer that uses Aerogear? is it a hardcore developer, or someone that is looking for a ready made solution?

I think both. We have JavaScript, iOS, Android, Cordova, Firefox and JavaEE developers. For example, some Java EE developers don't care about JS and they might be looking for a ready made solution (In this situation, AeroGear with Forge or JBDS is a good fit).

At the same time you have JS developers for example like Lukas or Luke, which are familiar with Java EE, but they are more like a hardcore developer and they just want to make use of libraries. Some devs will stick make use of tools, others to just our libraries.
I understand that we have 3 products, Core, Push and security. What is our main product?

At the moment, I would say that Push is the main AeroGear focus. Although AG is more than just Push. We provide libraries willing to make developer's life easy so topics like: Push, Security (cryptography, OAuth2 libraries, 2 factor), data sync, geo-fencing, offline support...and more crazy and dirty things you could possible imagine with fancy devices — probably AG will be there.
What is a user he looking for when he gets to Aerogear? How can Aerogear help him?

Most of the developers (others can correct me if I'm wrong) are looking to boost their productivity. Let's think about something very complex like cryptography or OAuth2, is really hard to newcomers to grok into RFCs and implement it. Most part of the time people just want to connect their apps to Facebook, Twitter, <put your favorite social network here>. People don't have time and sometimes patience to read RFCs and start from scratch (because it's boring)

I think this is where AeroGear comes into place. If you talk to Passos, he will give to you details about reducing 25% of the hard work on Android with AeroGear.

At this point I would also like to build a “design persona” to have a coherent identity, voice and styles throughout our line. If aerogear was a person, who would it be? what voice does it have, color, typography, etc.

Amazing. Not sure if AeroGear would be a person, but to me is more like Skipper (http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130327234948/pixar/images/7/70/Planes_skipper_rollout_final.jpg)
With this done we will make sure our websites, demos and consoles speak the same language.


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