Hey everyone!  After a little bit more time than expected, we have released a Final version of Apicurio Registry 2.0 upstream:


In addition to the list of features included in my original email about 2.0.0.RC1, the Final release contains the following new stuff:

* Creator-only authorization - artifacts are read-only for all users except the original creator
* User-specified versioning - users can now optionally provide a custom version string when adding content
* Export/import REST API
* Legacy (version 1.3.x) export utility to help users migrate from 1.3.x to 2.0.x
* Support for both BASIC and BEARER auth at the same time (required a custom Quarkus auth mechanism)

Apologies if I've forgotten anything major in that list.  :)

Thanks to everyone on the team for putting in a lot of hard work on this.  This release will be the basis for Red Hat Integration - Service Registry v 2.0 which will be Tech Preview this upcoming quarter.

On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 10:02 AM Eric Wittmann <eric.wittmann@redhat.com> wrote:
Hey everyone.  Happy Monday.

At the end of last week we released version 2.0.0.RC1 of Apicurio Registry (product name: Red Hat Integration - Service Registry).  This new major version has a lot of changes and improvements.  Here is quick list of cool new stuff:

* Authentication via integration with Keycloak/RHSSO
* Support for groups of artifacts
* Updated Serdes classes for easier and more consistent configuration
* Support for the new CNCF Schema Registry API
* Multi-tenancy support! (This was mostly done to support MAS efforts)
* Option to store persistent registry data in a SQL database (postgresql only)
* Hybrid storage implementation using Kafka (simple topic with log compaction enabled) and an in-memory H2 database
* Improved artifact searching/filtering
* New REST client using only the Java 11 HTTP client
* Event sourcing (changes to artifacts in the registry can result in events firing)
* And much more!

For more information about the changes, you can go here:


We will be doing a lot of testing and documenting over the next couple of weeks before releasing 2.0.0.Final.  If anyone is interested in giving the new version a try, now is a great time!  (you can report any bugs you find)

You can try it out immediately using our in-memory ( non-persistent ) version by doing this:

    docker run -it -p 8080:8080 apicurio/apicurio-registry-mem:2.0.0.RC1

Then go to http://localhost:8080/ui or http://localhost:8080/apis to either use the user interface or see a list of the APIs we support (respectively).

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release!  I think we should be in a great position to support both our Red Hat Integration product as well as our Managed Services efforts with this latest major version release.

Eric Wittmann
Principal Software Engineer - Apicurio - Red Hat
He / Him / His

Eric Wittmann
Principal Software Engineer - Apicurio - Red Hat
He / Him / His