As Hardy said, these new data types should be supported in the next BV revision. HV-825 is our testing bed for bringing the new functionalities from Java 8 to the world of Bean Validation; If you have any ideas around this make sure to let us know.

Related to that, I think it should be simpler to add additional constraints in a "global" manner than it is today. One possible way would be to support registering validator implementations using the service loader SPI, by providing a file META-INF/services/javax.validation.ConstraintValidator which lists additional implementations. This avoids the XML and allows to add a JAR with validators to an application without further need for registration.


2014-03-27 12:12 GMT+01:00 Hardy Ferentschik <>:
Hi Markus,

thanks for your feedback. Supporting new Java 8 data types seems to be a good candidate for
the next iteration of the Bean Validation spec. If this version will align with Java 8, there are other
candidates as well. For example the ability to annotate collection elements (List<@Min(4) String> foo)
or handling the validation of @Optional values.

At the moment the plan for an new spec release are still in the making. However, in Hibenrate Validator
we already started the work on supporting Java 8 [1], including the new date and time types [2].
Hibernate Validator 5.2 should make this functionality available, probably well before there will be a new spec version.
Once HV 5.2 is available you should be able to upgrade even without a new version of the Bean Validation spec.



On 27 Jan 2014, at 06:27, Markus Malkusch <> wrote:

> Dear bean validation
> Java bean validation 1.1 @Future and @Past constraints are restricted to
> Calendar and Date only. Adding custom validators for Java 8's java.time types
> is possible as described in 8.1.2. Overriding constraint definitions in XML.
> But I'm just too lazy to do this for my own. I would love to see a new spec
> which includes the Java 8's java.time classes.
> Sincerly Markus Malkusch_______________________________________________
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