On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 12:14 PM, Gunnar Morling <gunnar@hibernate.org> wrote:

For the sake of transparency: There have been several nominations to
become a "Contributor" of this JSR. As per the JCP, "Contributors are
people who are NOT on the Expert Group of the JSR but whom you wish to
publicly recognize for their work on the JSR".

I'm very willing to formally recognize every contributor, but I think
at first there should be some actual contribution. The bar can be very
low, e.g. start a discussion on this mailing list on a topic you'd
like to see addressed in BV 2.0 and I'd consider that worthy to be
listed (ongoing contributions are even better of course). Or e.g.
provide feedback on the upcoming drafts.

So my recommendation for such incoming nominations is to do exactly
that: come to this mailing list, get involved by any means and you are
a true contributor.

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