Hi Michael,

On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 7:29 PM, Michael Nascimento <misterm@gmail.com> wrote:
Since Duration is really just seconds and milliseconds and any conversion is always flat (in the sense it doesn't take into account daylight savings time, for instance), I find it way less useful to support than Period and arbitrary TemporalAmounts (such as http://www.threeten.org/threeten-extra/apidocs/org/threeten/extra/Days.html ).

The first PR of Marko contained the Period support. The issue is that Period is not comparable and there is no easy way to compare 2 periods so we decided to not implement it for now. The typical issue we had is how do you compare 1 month and 30 days.

As for supporting threeten-extra, it wouldn't be done in the spec anyway. But we are open to consider it for HV (as we did for Joda a long time ago). PR welcome!