basically the same which was suggested for the InstanceProvider (we need to agree on the final names but the concept is the same).
btw. >if< we would like to support @Inject in instances which aren't managed by the container, we also need something like #inject (or #initialize).
-> you can provide e.g. constraint libs which just use @Inject in the constraint validators and there's no need e.g. to configure constraint validators in the container.


2012/1/4 Hardy Ferentschik <>

On Jan 4, 2012, at 2:31 PM, Gerhard Petracek wrote:

> +1 -> compared to the other suggestions: +1 for the service-loader approach because it allows jsr330 support without the need to add a new method to ValidatorContext as well as a new config entry and it's a std. java mechanism.

Can we flesh this out a little. What would be the service interface?
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