In OVal the advantage is, that we can control when an object is instantiated. If I would leave that to e.g. Spring and rely on ApplicationContext.getBean(...) it might be that Spring reuses objects and gives me the same instance twice if wrongly configured (not as a prototype bean).


On 22.10.2011 10:46, Emmanuel Bernard wrote:
BTW, Sebastian, do you have a reason to still control the object instantiation in OVal?

I wonder if there are any additional advantages besides the ability to chain initialization listeners. 

On 22 oct. 2011, at 10:39, Emmanuel Bernard <> wrote:

Indeed that's a typo for ConstraintViolationFactory. 

In your approach, the object cannot use constructor injection, correct?
What does Spring Framework do in this case, raise an exception?

On 22 oct. 2011, at 01:33, Sebastian Thomschke <> wrote:

Hi Emmanuel,

the proposal talks about a ConstraintViolationFactory. I guess you meant ConstraintValidatorFactory?

In OVal dependency injection works like this: OVal instantiates the validator (check) object itself and then passes it to an optional CheckInitializationListener which can wire required dependencies. So the DI system does not create the validator instances but configures the dependencies.

For Spring DI in OVal you do:
  ClassPathXmlApplicationContext ctx = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("SpringInjectorTest.xml", SpringInjectorTest.class);
  AnnotationsConfigurer myConfigurer = new AnnotationsConfigurer();
  myConfigurer.addCheckInitializationListener(new BeanInjectingCheckInitializationListener());
  Validator v = new Validator(myConfigurer);

Where the BeanInjectingCheckInitializationListener is implemented like:

  public class BeanInjectingCheckInitializationListener implements CheckInitializationListener {
    public void onCheckInitialized(final Check newCheck) {
        // wire the dependencies

For Bean Validation this could look like:
ValidatorFactory factory = Validation
  .addValidatiorInitializationListener(new SpringBeanInjectingValidatorInitializationListener()) 



On 21.10.2011 23:55, Emmanuel Bernard wrote:
Hi team,
I've been thinking about BVAL-238 and came up with a first round of ideas and open questions.
It is available here

Please give me your feedback. I think this issue can be closed quite quickly.

I've also created a proposals section on the website that will contain such work in progress proposals before inclusion in the spec proper. Check out

On a side note, for casual website editing, you can use GitHub's `Edit this file` button (see ). It's not quite a wiki but that's pretty close. One thing you cannot do is create a new file unfortunately. Anyone that have asked for write access should see this button.

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