Hi all,

The way we've been working towards changes in BV 1.1 was via a proposal document for each suggested change, investigating different options, their pros and cons etc. As needed, we'd also prototype specific approaches in the RI. Once consensus was reached, someone would modify the spec document as per the agreed on solution.

Proposals are simple AsciiDoc files living on the website. There are already a couple of first proposals for BV 2.0 listed [1]. Feedback on these is highly welcome, either on GitHub (e.g. by commenting inline or sending a PR with another option for a given issue) or here on the mailing list.

Hendrik, the one for BVAL-214 ([2], "Ability to validate an object and a list of changes") may be of specific interest for JavaFX, because it should improve cross-field validation in UI use cases (think of field "password" should match field "password confirm"). What we should do for JavaFX in general is a very interesting topic on its own, but probably better to discuss that one separately.

Everyone is welcome to work on new proposals themselves. If you are interested, check out the issues currently marked for 2.0 in the JIRA tracker [3] and let me know if you'd like to get going on individual items.

This list of BV 2.0 change candidates is not cast in stone (nor will we be able to address all of it), so if you think something should be (up high) on that list, please speak up. My personal focus will mostly be on the Java 8 related changes for the time being, with the usage of type level annotations being the one requiring the most consideration probably.



[1] http://beanvalidation.org/proposals/
[2] http://beanvalidation.org/proposals/BVAL-214
[3] https://hibernate.atlassian.net/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20BVAL%20AND%20status%20in%20(Open%2C%20Reopened)%20AND%20fixVersion%20%3D%202.0%20ORDER%20BY%20priority%20DESC