Hi guys,

What do you think about the 'promotion' of fail-fast (from hibernate validator) to the BV API?

I see frequently this 2 use cases (in the 9-5 projects) to support the request ;)

1. batch: there are a lot of batch processes that have to validate the input data (flat file -> bean -> validation) and return for each bean only a technical error if at least one field is not valid ('input refused'). When there are millions (e.g. payments transactions) of beans to validate in a batch and 30-50 fields for each bean the fail-fast saves a lot of time (and the night is never long enough for all the batches required) ;)

2. REST response: in the validation of REST services often when 2 systems exchange data the answer in case of error is an HTTP 4xx without many details. The fail-fast is a time and machine resources saving when your application is accessed by (hundred of) thousand users through some external web client (e.g. JS client).

In the do-it-yourself implementations for the 2 uses cases at the first error an IllegalArgumentException is thrown with the information of the first error found.

The full test of every field is very well suited for uses cases in which there is a human to machine communication (e.g. web forms).

If your opinion is positive I can do more investigations if needed.