since it's possible to define the order of cdi interceptors via the std. beans.xml config and there are a lot of very different valid use-cases, i would prefer one default behaviour and the possibility to specify a custom order via the std. cdi config.


2012/2/28 Emmanuel Bernard <>
I personally feel uneasy about having the behavior change depending on how visible annotations are to the client even though I understand the reasoning. As I said, interceptor messing around parameter and return values are not very common and one could clearly put interceptors not complying with the constraints under the programming error. I am reluctant to introduce an option to alter the behavior.

That being said. Java EE 7 plans on making interceptors configuration generic. So it's likely that one person will be able to reorder its interceptors or even write its own.


On 28 févr. 2012, at 00:28, Michael Nascimento wrote:

> Ok, let's complicate matters a little bit:
> If a bean is exposed through an interface and therefore constraints
> are applied to the implementation, obviously parameter validation
> should happen right before invoking the method and return validation
> should happen right after return. In this case, validation constraints
> are completely opaque for the original caller and certainly they are
> not part of the API.
> If a bean is exposed *directly* to the caller, constraints are part of
> the API exposed to the caller. They are part of the contract pretty
> much like possible thrown checked exceptions and all, so it would make
> more sense to validate parameters right after the caller invokes it
> and validate the return value right before delivering it to the
> caller. Then, the API does what it says.
> Does this different behaviour sound complicated? Yes, but this is
> technically the correct thing to do if you think about validation
> being part of the API or not. As cumbersome as it seems, it is
> possible to implement it using CDI since it allows one to get the
> exact InjectionTarget and check for the API rule above. Should it be
> done that way? That is open to discussion, but I am pretty sure other
> people will reason it the way I just did.
> Regards,
> Michael
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